Personalised Coaching

NYCEH have a qualified and dedicated team to provide one-to-one advisory session for student to develop greater self-awareness, understand one’s career interests and preferences, recognize work motivations, and assess individual’s strengths and barriers to employment. Our career coach will be assigned to student and strive to help student gain better clarity of themself, as well as the employment and training landscape out there.

Effective Job Search

We guide student on how to create a distinct personal brand, identify the best jobs to apply for and adopt the perfect job application components. Develop student’s unique cover letter and resume and become a savvy interviewee.

Career Management

We use evaluation tools to identify a student’s personality type, skills they already have or personal strengths that might translate into career preferences. We conduct thematic interactive workshop for students to have an in-depth understanding on the job objectivities. We invite industry professional to conduct sharing to get the graduates ready for their first job.

Career Transition

We advise individual about transition to a different industry, upgrade to a senior role and strengthen their managerial skills. Re-brand themselves on the job application and create winning professional relationships.

Career Development

We conduct sharing on how to handle senior management levels positions. Lead and motivate a team and become a key influence in driving organizational growth.

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