Building Personal Plan

NYCEH team implements a variety of specific academic support strategies to provide assistance to struggling students as well as to prevent academic problems from developing. Our effective support programs provide motivation, personal individual attention, direct instruction, and error correction to increase students' academic skills.

A Supportive Environment

We want student to do well in thier studies and enjoy student life. Our team will assist student with the transition from school or college to university, and help student get to grips with studying and learning more independently.

The Writting Center

Our team provides one-to-one consultations about writing projects with students from all disciplines, both on-campus and online. 

Student Success Resources

Our team provide free resource for all students to equip themself with the tools needed to succeed, engage in the coursework, and feel empowered by their ability to achieve academic success. 

Tailored Personal Development

Our team offers free tailored coach secession to develop strategies to maximize student’s personal strengths and conquer difficult classes.

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